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Worldrede: Discovering where Story, Place, and Identity Converge

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From the Founder:

"It's easy to be confused and anxious in a time of worldwide transition, pandemic uncertainty, uprootedness, and collapse. What are some ways forward? What does it all mean? Where is the hope?

"We're here to help you find out."

— Craig Chalquist, PhD

Beacon of a
New Worldview?

What We Do and How We Do It

Topics We Explore, Develop, and Practice:

Finding Hope and Drive beyond Imbalance and Rupture - Applied Mythology in Life and Events - Transrevolution: Quiet Systemic Change in the Depths - Dreams as the Understory of Our Time - Coming Home to Where You Are - Deep Genealogy and Ancestry - Earth Beauty Appreciation - Storytelling from the Inside Out - Reenchantment of Psychology - Practice of Ecospirituality


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